Welcome from the AKIN family and Wheat-n-Things, a Christian business located in Louisville.

Our family has three distinct goals for WnT:

1). We desire for WnT to become an everincreasing Blessing in our Community.  The heart of our business is simply to provide great quality, affordably priced, baking ingredients and peripheries.  We endeavor to do that by being Fun and Easy to do business with, consistently.

2). We desire for WnT to enthusiastically focus upon Sustainability of the Creation, specifically in our promotion of Non-Genetically Modified foods, sourced responsibly.   Similarly, we will aggressively pursue all possible local options and products in this endeavor.

3). We desire for WnT to be a Learning opportunity for our children concerning small business.   We are thrilled for them to experience everything: customer service, web design, inventory management, accounting, face-face sales, product sourcing, logistics, and on and on.  Expect smiling, eager faces as you interact with WnT!


Please contact us at anytime.  We always love to hear your ideas! 


Blessings, Jeff and AmyJo



Tel (502)231.8312